I am working in computer field for more then 14 years and I am listing all the technologies that I workdd in my office and personal projects. Some technologies I worked long back.

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Java / J2EE

From the day 1 of my career I am working in Java technologies. Starting from Core Java, then to Java Swing and then to J2EE components. Working in Spring and hibernate from 2010 when I start my project in UBS.

Ext JS

Start working in ExtJS 3.4 from 2010 from UBS in the Client 360 project. After joining Barclays I continue working on ExtJS 3.4 and in 4.0. When I join JPMC in 2014 for short team project I worked in ExtJS 5.0.

Sencha Touch

i learned Sencha Touch on my own intrest and start developing mobile apps using Sencha touch. Sencha Touch 2.0 is the first Sencha framework that I use MVC before ExtJS 4.0.


I worked on DB2, Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL and MySQL databases in different projects. Most of my projects I create sql queries to retrive project. I have very little experience in creating procedure. I created 4 procedures in my whole 14+ years as a programmer.


I worked on both Web Services and in Rest servises. I worked in rest service in 2014 when I worked in JPMC


I use Adobe FireWorks to crate images for most of my personal project. I have some knowledge in Photoshop also.

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